Sunday, 7 April 2013

Effects of Hurricane

Economical Effects

In general, hurricanes cause little economic effects that too in the areas where the hurricanes hit directly. Considering this, hurricane Katrina was different from the prior incidents of hurricanes. The overall economic impact of hurricane Katrina was estimated to be about 150 billion dollars. The major factors that contributed to such an extensive economic impact were fall outs of oil supply, food export, tourism and other forms of trade and business. Oil and gasoline prices were soared high. Luckily, no catastrophic damage was incurred in the oil infrastructure.The economy of the country was slow down significantly due to hurricane Katrina.

A victim's RV had damage after the hurricane attacks the area in Chalmette.

Environmental Effects

The environmental damages and threats on public health were the longest-lasting effects of hurricane Katrina. The industrial wastes, oil spills, household sewage, toxic chemicals and other hazardous pollutants had swept to the directly hit areas as well as neighboring regions. The contaminated floodwater that overflowed the residential areas caused long-term health effects on humans, animals and other inhabitants of the area. It also resulted in pollution of groundwater reserves, which is a major water source for drinking purposes.

Water samples of floodwater contain high amounts of E. coli bacteria, medical waste, sewage, oil, toxic lead, hexavalent chromium and arsenic along with particulate matter. As a strategy to prevent severe health complications, household water pipes were repaired and replaced. 

The rescue team in the process of searching survivors after the hurricane attack

Social Effects

The facts about hurricane Katrina reveal that more than 1800 people lost their lives due to this disaster . In addition, hundreds of people were left without homes, jobs and social security. Majority of the people residing on the Gulf coast have had a different story to share about the effects of hurricane Katrina. Most of them had lost family members and relatives. There were lack of food, water and sanitary hygiene. Those who suffered through hurricane Katrina and aftermath suffered from emotional and psychological stress.

Children that had lost their family members and were looking for their parents after the hurricane attack

An old man that was lives alone standing in-front of his precious house after the  hurricane attack

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