Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Causes of hurricane

There are two main factors that causes hurricane storms which are vaporize warm water and high speed of wind. Hurricanes occur when the moist warm air from the surface of the ocean rises and meets cooler air. In that situation, the moist warm air condenses and produce storm clouds and raindrops. It also release of suppressed heat due to condensation process, which upsurges the temperature of the cooler air.

Highway in New Orleans
As the sequence of exchanging heat remains, a wind pattern is generated that moves in a spiral fashion around a calm center, which is referred to as the hurricane eye.  Existence of strong winds at high altitude pull the rising warm air away from the center, makes the storm to twirl in the usual hurricane pattern. 

Road to Florida Avenue, America

Another factor that increases the speed of wind is high-pressure air at high altitude. This high-pressure air draws the heat away from the center of the storm. As this high-pressure air moves to the center and meets the low-pressure air, the wind speed again increases.

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